Student Fee Information

Transparency for All TAMUCT Students

Student Service Fee Advisory Committee

The institution charges the Student Service Fee, as defined by Texas Education Code, Section 54.503, to all currently enrolled students per semester credit hour. This fee requires that a special committee, as defined by Texas Education Code, Section 54.5031, that is representative of the entire institution to "advise the governing board and administration of the institution on the type, amount, and expenditure of compulsory fees for student services."

2016-2017 Members

  • Brandon Griggs, Dean of Student Affairs (Chair)
  • Crystal Ferreira, Student (2 years; second term)
  • Matthew Soisson, Student (2 years; second term)
  • Shewanna McClellan, Student (2 years; first term)
  • Mary Maybury, Student (1 year)
  • Joshua Chatham, Student (1 year)
  • Keesha James, Student (1 year)
  • TBD, At-Large Faculty (1 year)
  • Shailen Singh, Staff (1 year)
  • Jamie Wiatrek, Administrative Support

Budgeting Process

The Division of Student Affairs is funded through the Student Service Fee. Budget increases are prepared on the basis of student needs and support, strategic and mission alignment, data and assessments, and alignment with the Council of Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education. Budget managers give a presentation over their respective area to this committee, and when needed, justify the need for budget allocations and increases. A budget request can only be approved with a majority vote of the committee, with each member having one vote except the chair. All allocation recommendations are sent to the President for approval, and subsequently the Texas A&M University System Board for final approval.

These procedures align with the following:

  • Texas Education Code Section 54.503
  • Texas Education Code Section 54.5031
  • Texas Education Code Section 54.5032

Student Service Fee Budget Recommendations FY17

Student Recreational Sports Fee

The recreational sports fee will fund recreational and wellness initiatives and programs for students beginning Fall 2016. This fee was voted on by a majority (83%) of students on February 19, 2016. The fee of $50 for summer, $100 for spring, and $100 for fall will only be charged to individuals who are taking face-to-face courses who have an assigned course that is designated to main campus. This fee is only charged to new students beginning Fall 2016.

Below is the description of activities and programs students will have access to beginning Fall 2016. These recommendations were voted on by the student affairs advisory committee on July 1, 2016.

Fall 2016

  • Designation of a Warrior Walking/Jogging Trail
  • Fitness classes and boot camps during mornings and evenings (6:00-7:00am and 6:00-7:00pm) on specific days throughout the week (Schedule TBA)
  • Wellness fair (in partnership with Employee Resources) and awareness campaigns
  • Intramural activities

Spring 2017

  • It is planned for students to have gym access at a gym within the community beginning Spring 2017
  • Wellness fair (in partnership with Employee Resources) and awareness campaigns
  • Intramural activities