Class Ring Information

Samples of the class rings, both women and men, are now being displayed in the display case outside the student lounge on our Main Campus.

Qualification to Order

To qualify and order the official class ring, one must be:

  • Alumni of Texas A&M University-Central Texas or
  • Currently enrolled at Texas A&M University - Central Texas and have completed 90 semester credit hours, which counts toward their degree plan, for undergraduates and 18 semester credit hours for graduates.

Preview Brochures

Download Class Ring Symbolic Description

Download Women's Rings

Download Men's Rings

Ordering Information

You may contact Balfour at 1-800-Balfour to begin you ordering your class ring. Balfour's interactive ordering website will be up shortly.

If you have any questions/comments about the process or the ring, please contact us at or 254-519-5721.

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