Campus Concealed Carry FAQ

The 84th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 11, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law, authorizing handgun license holders to carry concealed handguns on certain university campuses, effective August 1, 2016.

The following frequently asked questions are provided to inform interested parties about the current status of Campus Concealed Carry at TAMUCT, and will be updated as necessary.

When will the law take effect?

August 1, 2016. Handgun licensees may not carry concealed handguns inside university buildings until that date.

When this law takes effect, who may carry concealed handguns inside university buildings?

In addition to law enforcement officers, licensees who possess a valid Handgun License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, or the entity having responsibility for such licensing in another state, which has a reciprocal or unilateral agreement with the State of Texas.

I have heard about “open carry” in Texas. Will that apply on campus?

No. Handguns carried by license holders, regardless of location on campus, must remain concealed at all times.

Will handguns be allowed everywhere on campus?

A license holder is prohibited from carrying a concealed handgun in the following campus premises: (rule 2.3.1) on the premises of the A&M-Central Texas Counseling Center, including the co-located Community Counseling and Family Therapy Center.

What happens if someone violates a state law or a university rule regarding the carrying of a firearm on campus?

Persons who violate state law concerning the possession of a firearm on campus are subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. Persons who violate a university rule, whether an employee or student, may subject themselves to disciplinary sanctions by the University.

Additional Information

As they normally do, campus police will be patrolling campus on August 1, as well as the preceding and following days. Along with other university officials, they will be able to address any questions students and visitors may have about the new university rule.

A&M-Central Texas has only one area designated as an exception to the new rule allowing the carry of concealed handguns on campus, which is the university’s Counseling Center, which includes the co-located Community Counseling and Family Therapy Center. An individual that has a License To Carry (LTC) is responsible for securing their weapon prior to entering the Counseling Center.

A&M-Central Texas will place two signs at the entrance to the Counseling Center located in Warrior Hall, 207L. The signs will be installed by July 31, 2016, and the letter size and verbiage meets the state mandated requirements, and will be in English and Spanish.

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