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The university strives to cultivate an environment in which students thrive, are eager to be productive members of our Warrior community, and engage others in ways that reflect informed and positive choices. In order to do that, and support the mission and values of the university, the Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the administration and facilitation of the student conduct process.

The Office of Student Conduct supports the educational mission and goals of the university and is focused on student learning by challenging students to uphold high standards of personal and academic integrity. This is achieved through a procedurally sound conduct process with personal accountability, fairness, community, and learning as bedrock principles.

Important documents

Student Conduct Resources for Current Students

Academic Integrity

Community Incident Referral

Student Conduct Office Annual Report: 2022-2023

The Student Conduct Office is responsible for reviewing violations of the Code of Student Conduct and for coordinating the student conduct process. The summary statistics provided in this annual report are generated for public review. This report reflects data for the time period of August 15, 2022 - August 14, 2023 (2022-2023).

Student Conduct Office Annual Report 2022-2023

Sexual Violence and Abuse

Title IX Conduct Flow Chart

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