Behavioral Intervention Team

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After tragic events at Virginia Tech and other universities involving campus violence, institutions of higher education began looking more closely how to monitor, assess, and intervene (when necessary), to promote a healthy and safe campus for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Mission Statement

The Behavioral Intervention Team meets regularly to assess, intervene, and/or provide timely resources and support for students displaying concerning behavior or experiencing problems that might lead to disruptive or dangerous behaviors

Guiding Principles

  1. Targeted violence can often be prevented
  2. Violence is a dynamic process
  3. Targeted violence is a function of several factors
  4. Corroboration is critical
  5. Threat assessment is about behavior, not profiles
  6. Cooperating systems are critical resources
  7. Does the person pose a threat
  8. Keep victims in mind
  9. Early identification and intervention helps everyone
  10. Multiple reporting mechanisms enhance early identification
  11. Multi-faceted resources can provide effective interventions
  12. Safety is a primary focus

Team Members

  • Paul York Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Chair)
  • Clifton Jones Executive Director of Enrollment Management
  • Deserie Rivera Compliance Officer
  • Charles Rodriguez Chief of Police
  • Shailen Singh Director of Access & Inclusion


If this is an EMERGENCY please call 911. For less serious situations please call Student Affairs at 254-519-5721.

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BIT Manual