Behavioral Intervention Team

“Texas A&M University-Central Texas cares about the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff." To honor this commitment, the university provides multiple resources and services to support our campus community. Representing our belief in being proactive, TAMUCT established a network of professionals from across the university who are committed to a caring program of identification, intervention, and response in order to support the university community and provide the greatest level of protection.


If this is an EMERGENCY please call 911. If you are concerned about someone being a threat to self or others, call 911. For less serious situations please call Student Affairs at 254-519-5721. For non-emergencies, go to

What is the BIT?

The BIT is an interdisciplinary committee of university official that meets regularly to collaborate and provide a response to students, staff, and faculty whose behavior could be harmful to themselves or others.

Mission Statement

The Behavioral Intervention Team meets regularly to assess, intervene, and/or provide timely resources and support for students displaying concerning behavior or experiencing problems that might lead to disruptive or dangerous behaviors.

BIT Representation

Department Phone BIT Representative
Student Affairs – Division of Student Affairs 254-501-5909 Dr. Paul York
Student Wellness & Counseling Center 254-501-5955 Dr. Carmelia Amuna
University Police Department 254-501-5800 Chief Andrew Flores
Office of Title IX and Institutional Compliance 254-519-5763 Deserie Mensch,
Jacqueline Orellana
Warrior Center for Student Success 254-501-5836 Stephanie Legree-Roberts
Enrollment Management 254-519-5424 Clifton Jones

BIT Flowchart

BIT General Process Flowchart

Who to Refer: Indicators

Who to refer: Indicators
Virtual Advisor