Student Health Insurance

Who is eligible to enroll?

Texas A&M University-Central Texas students who are enrolled in at least nine (9) hours are eligible to enroll in the University Sponsored plan. Students who are enrolled in special classes and are taking less than nine (9) credit/contact hours will be determined eligible to enroll in the University Sponsored plan if the coursework meets the criteria for the completion of a degree plan or international program as defined and approved by The Texas A&M University System. Graduate students taking at least five (5) credit hours of classes are eligible to enroll in this insurance plan. Eligibility information can be found here: Texas A&M University System 2022-2023 Plan Highlights.

For more information on the University Sponsored plan, please visit For dental coverage, visit

Parents/guardians who currently have a student dependent on their health insurance plan are highly encouraged to compare the costs, coverage and benefits of their respective health insurance with the TAMUS Student Health Insurance Plan. For healthcare services obtained outside of the student health center, the University-sponsored plan offers in-network and out-of-network coverage.

Consortium agreement hours do not count toward the required number of currently registered credit hours.

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