Diversity Discussions

Presidential Charge

The Council on Diversity and Inclusion shall advise and make recommendations to the President via the Chief Diversity Officer on the following:

  1. Promoting centralized communication of diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  2. Identify and promote related programs and activities internally and externally.
  3. Student, faculty, staff welfare and/or morale, student life, business and budgetary affairs, and other matters of professional interest to faculty, staff and students related to diversity or inclusivity.
  4. Collaborate with HR in monitoring equal employment opportunities and affirmative action efforts at TAMUCT.

Mission Statement

The Council on Diversity and Inclusion supports the Texas A&M University-Central Texas Strategic Plan 2018-2022 by promoting an emphasis on the appreciation of diversity and the inclusion of all. Its intent is to engage the university community and the community at large in the purposeful acceptance of the value of each individual.

Commitment to 60x30TX

Because we respect and value both differences and similarities in our students, co-workers, and other stakeholders, A&M Central Texas University embraces as Imperative Five of its Strategic Plan Diversity & Inclusion. The initiatives and actions of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion will always align with our institution’s strategic goals of:

  • Promoting an inclusive, accessible, diverse, and equitable campus climate that supports all members of the university community.
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse and qualified student body consistent with our mission.

By consistently and relentlessly following through on actions and initiatives aligned these strategic goals of diversity and inclusion, our institution will significantly contribute to the state’s 60x30TX goals of:

  • At least 60% of Texans ages 25-34 possessing a certificate or degree by 2030 which will support the economic future of our state.
  • At least 550,000 students in 2030 will have earned a certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s from an institution of higher education in Texas which will require large increases among all demographically targeted groups.