College of Business Administration Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Photo of Dr. Barbara Altman

Dr. Barbara Altman

Photo of Dr. Khaldoon Dhou

Dr. Khaldoon Dhou

Photo of Ms. Marita Esposito

Ms. Marita Esposito, ABD

Photo of Dr. Jody Fry

Dr. Jody Fry

Photo of Dr. Shuyang Gu

Dr. Shuyang Gu

Photo of Dr. Faiza Khoja

Dr. Faiza Khoja

Photo of Dr. Lucas Loafman

Dr. Lucas Loafman

Photo of Dr. Dinesh Reddy

Dr. Dinesh Reddy

Photo of Dr. David Ritter

Dr. David Ritter

Photo of Ms. Jessica  Robin

Ms. Jessica Robin

Photo of Dr. Rick Simmons

Dr. Rick Simmons

Photo of Dr. Anne Sluhan

Dr. Anne Sluhan

Photo of Dr. Robert Zinko

Dr. Robert Zinko

Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Ms. Amanda Eads

Ms. Amanda Eads

Photo of Mr. Emmet Gray

Mr. Emmet Gray


Photo of Ms. Robin Burke

Ms. Robin Burke

Photo of Ms. Gina Gill

Ms. Gina Gill

Photo of Mr. Kallum Griffin

Mr. Kallum Griffin

Photo of Ms. Melanie Mason

Ms. Melanie Mason

Photo of Ms. Karla Williams

Ms. Karla Williams

Photo of Ms. Patrice Taylor

Ms. Patrice Taylor