Dr. Ankita Singhvi Profile

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Dr. Ankita Singhvi

  • Department: College of Business Administration
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Room: FH-323B

Dr. Singhvi joined Texas A&M – Central Texas as a visiting professor in September 2020 and was hired on as an Assistant Professor in January of 2022. She teaches various accounting courses. Her research interests include corporate governance, auditing and accounting information systems. Her manuscripts have been accepted in prestigious conferences such as American Accounting Association, Contemporary Accounting Research, Irish Accounting and Finance Conference among many others and published most recently in Pan Pacific Journal of Business Research. She has both an Information Technology and Accounting background and a PhD from University of Texas at El Paso. Her other interests include meditation, music, travel and spending time with her dogs and her family. Dr.Singhvi's CV

Areas of Professional Expertise: International accounting, auditors and audit committees, accounting information systems