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Dr. Michael Conklin

  • College of Business Administration
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Law
  • Room: FH-217E

Dr. Michael Conklin is the Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Law. He has published in over 100 academic journals. His research focus is expansive, but often centers on bridging the gap between theory and practice, providing valuable insight for policy makers, practitioners, and legal scholars. This focus on practical application, combined with an ability to apply statistical analysis to areas formerly only covered theoretically, has led to his placement as a top 50 legal scholar on SSRN. His industry experience mostly centers around negotiating energy exploration contracts. A dedicated lifelong learner, he has completed graduate programs in business ethics, data analytics, philosophy, business administration, international business law, and higher education teaching pedagogy. He is also an amateur street photographer and an avid mountaineering enthusiast with successful summits of the 100 highest mountains in Colorado and the world’s highest volcano in South America.