Kirak Kim Profile

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Dr. Kirak Kim

  • Department: Accounting and Finance
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Room: FH-323T

Kirak Kim is an assistant professor of finance at Texas A&M University Central Texas College of Business Administration. He teaches various courses in financial management, valuation, and financial markets at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Before joining Texas A&M Central, he taught at the University of Bristol in UK (lecturer/senior lecturer) and Arizona State University (graduate teaching fellow during his PhD). Dr. Kim’s research interest lies mainly in corporate finance, with a current focus placed on investigating labor and real-side frictions, governance, and legal, political, and social problems in conjunction with firms’ economic choices and outcomes. His work has been published in, or currently under review at widely cited journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Management Science (R&R), Review of Corporate Finance Studies (R&R). Dr. Kim holds a PhD in finance from Arizona State and an MBA from Ohio State. He previously worked as a corporate banking associate for Citi Korea and Korea-America Bank in Seoul. Dr. Kim's CV