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Welcome to the Department of Humanities at Texas A&M University Central Texas. Our department houses programs in English, Liberal Studies, History, and Political Science, the Interdisciplinary Film Studies Minor, and course-offerings in Communications, Fine Arts, and Music. The department’s diverse faculty strives to foster a community of learners that can experience the joy of intellectual growth and discovery. The varied assignments each work to develop critical and creative thinking skills, and to improve each student’s research and writing skills. Taken together, these experiences prepare students for an increasingly diverse and demanding life beyond the university.


Dr. Allen Redmon

Course Rotations





  1. Literary Topic courses include 416 Literary Authors, 417 Literary Themes, 418 Literary Periods, 419 Literary Genres; one of these courses is required on the BA in English WTC and WOTC
  2. Linguistic Courses include 370 Intro to Linguistics, 372 Sociolinguistics, and 376 Discourse Analysis (374 Psycholinguistics will only be offered in the summer); these courses can substitute for the last year of foreign language requirement
  3. Film Minor Courses include 435 Film Studies, 436 Film History, 437 Film Auteurs, 438 Film Genres, 439 Film Theory and Criticism, and other film specific courses (like Literature and Film)
  4. Two topics have been run under this title: 1) Religion and Film and 2) War
  5. Graduate courses are negotiated on a semester-by-semester basis




Summer offerings at both the undergraduate and graduate levels will depend on student demand. The program typically offers as many as four undergraduate courses and two graduate offers.