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Dr. Stefan Schöberlein

Dr. Stefan Schöberlein is the Program Coordinator for the MS in Liberal Studies and the BA in English. He teaches in both programs. Dr. Schöberlein also serves as a contributing editor for the Walt Whitman Archive, associate editor of the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, and co-director of the Movable Project. Dr. Schöberlein is the author of Writing the Brain: Material Minds and Literature, 1800-1880, editor of Walt Whitman’s New Orleans, co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Walt Whitman, as well as a multi-published literary translator (into German). His current research focuses on the nineteenth-century poet Walt Whitman, antebellum American newspaper writing, and the twentieth-century novelist Tom Kromer. In his teaching, Dr. Schöberlein emphasizes problem-solving and student-led research. His students have written and produced podcasts, created virtual walking tours, transcribed and encoded documents for online publication, edited Wikipedia articles, performed interviews, and conducted historical research using digital archives and databases.