MA, History

Department of Humanities


The graduate program in History provides students with a deeper understanding of history while facilitating the mastery of analytical, theoretical and research skills. Our program will teach students to analyze primary resources, build an argument, and then to write and communicate these findings effectively. These skills will prepare you for a variety of careers, while imparting the knowledge and perspective future leaders will need in their professions.

The diverse forms of training our graduates receive prepare them to find challenging and rewarding opportunities in secondary education, higher education, law and government service. A master’s degree in History will allow you to reveal the diversity and complexity of human history. Our rigorous instruction provides students an exceptional learning experience, and our small class sizes allow for more personalized interaction with faculty.

Our graduates receive diverse forms of training and find challenging and rewarding positions in secondary education, colleges and universities, law and government service.

Focus Areas

  • Military and Diplomatic History
  • U.S. Social History
  • Modern European History
  • Presidential Studies


For More Information
Dr. Luke Nichter
Professor of History
phone – 254.519.5735