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Availability: On-Campus | Program Length: 36 Hours

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Program Overview

Whether you are pursuing a career in history or just passionate about the subject, the Master of Arts in History at Texas A&M University-Central Texas provides coursework to prepare you to become a thoughtful scholar of history, an objective and responsible citizen, and a respected professional in a relevant career field. Our diverse training and small class sizes offer personalized interactions with faculty. The degree is available in both thesis and non-thesis options.

As a MA History major, you will benefit from educational experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Each year, we host the annual Central Texas Military History Symposium, which showcases prominent speakers from the military and the academy. Texas A&M University-Central Texas is also home to the Central Texas Historical Archive, which is housed in a state-of-the-art facility in Heritage Hall. This unique, one-million-page archive includes collections on military, diplomatic, and presidential history of the post-World War II era.

Messages from Students and Alumni.

Martha Brown, Current MA History Student: “The MA History program at TAMUCT has provided me the opportunity to grow in the historian’s craft, expand my career horizons, and work in a close-knit and supportive cohort of peers. With assistance from faculty I have been able to pursue my research interests, broaden my perspectives, and hone my archival and research skills. Moreover, myself and others in the program have received the encouragement and means to enter the professional realm of historians from our particular area of specialty. Whether I choose to further my education with a doctoral degree or enter the workforce upon graduation, I feel prepared to excel.”  
Bear Curtis, M.A. History Graduate; Army’s Center for Military History, and Ph.D. Candidate, University of Southern Mississippi: “My experience with TAMUCT was excellent. The curriculum provided a firm foundation for furthering my intellectual endeavors. The faculty truly cared about their students and encouraged their growth. I can truly say that without the effort of the TAMUCT history department, I would not be where I am today.”
Mel Edwards, Current M.A. History Student: “The MA History program at Texas A&M University - Central Texas has been such an incredible experience. The smaller class sizes allow for unexpected and unparalleled opportunities for deep discussions and debate over a wide variety of historical subjects. The course structures are well organized and manageable while offering challenges aimed at improving research skills, writing for various audiences, and defending ideas academically. The History department faculty are professionals with impressive experience in knowledge across a wide spectrum of historical fields.”
Gregory Sellers, MA. History Graduate, 2024; Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University, Fall 2024: “As a MA History Student at TAMUCT, from the first classes I took in the program I began learning valuable skills that allowed me to better research, write and evaluate sources as a historian. My expanded knowledge of sources in my areas of research interests, and even those I expanded into, allowed me to take steps and challenge myself at the master's level and accomplished achievements I never imagined. I attended and presented my research at conferences among other historians. I then went on and used the skills I was taught to put together and teach a survey course of my own at a nearby four-year university.”
Brian Tomczek, MA. History Graduate, 2024; Ph.D. Student, University of Delaware, Fall 2024: “The TAMUCT MA of History program encourages students to engage in open academic discussions and conduct research projects encompassing disciplines outside of history. I liked how each professor was ready and available to assist the students throughout the semester. The curriculum at TAMUCT will expand students’ knowledge and skills in research as well as writing and prepare graduate students for coursework at the PhD level. I appreciate how the professors adjusted the class to meet each student’s work–life balance. Overall, enrolling in the MA Program of History at TAMUCT will put students in a position to pursue their goals in the field of history or any other professional field.”

Student and Alumni News and Accomplishments

Current students and graduates from the M.A. in History have a sustained record of accomplishments both as students pursuing their M.A. in History and as graduates pursuing doctoral work or as professionals in varied careers.
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Career Opportunities

  • Secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Law 
  • Government science

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Military History Symposium

The Central Texas Military History Symposium hosts nationally prominent military historians. The Central Texas Military History Symposium at Texas A&M University-Central Texas serves as a local and regional event promoting the study of the history of warfare and its influences on society. The Symposium's main goal is to provide the people of Central Texas and our students with access to the nation's top scholars in military history. Read More

Program Coordinator

Dr. Cadra McDaniel

Associate Professor of History 
Office/Room   HH-204L 

Dr. Cadra McDaniel
Virtual Advisor