BA, Humanities


The English program prepares students to enter many diverse professional fields. English majors develop solid writing skills that can be applied to graduate studies, teaching, or a career in public or private sectors. Our program teaches technological and creative skills that engage students’ intellects and equips them with the training needed for a diverse workforce. In addition, our program provides the communication, analytical and interpersonal skills that are highly valued by today’s employers.  

As an English major, you can expect to develop as a writer and critical thinker. You will learn how to analyze language and literature and to discuss how these ways of seeing shape our culture and your identity. Equipped with these skills, our graduates develop into lifelong learners that possess the ability to turn a variety of perspectives into practical and meaningful workplace and community solutions.

Customize your degree

7-12 certification (education)

Degree without certification

Areas Of Focus

  • Rhetoric and composition
  • English language and linguistics
  • Critical and literary analysis
  • Film and popular culture
  • Creative writing
  • Teacher preparation