BA, Humanities


The History program encourages students to appreciate the diversity and complexity of human history and political life. Our rigorous instruction provides students an exceptional learning experience, and our small class sizes allow for more personalized interaction with faculty. Our program also provides a wide variety of educational experiences outside the classroom, like study abroad opportunities, a regional military history symposium, and the ability to expand your professional network by making connections throughout the region.

Our program provides a broad understanding of history, while facilitating analytical, research and communication skills. These skills prepare you to analyze primary resources, build an argument and to then write and communicate these findings effectively, which will ultimately prepare you for a variety of careers. Our students have gained employment in local government, primary and secondary education, as well as management and leadership in regional organizations.

Customize Your Degree

7-12 Social Studies certification (education)

Degree without certification

Sample Courses Include

  • World War II and Holocaust
  • U.S. Diplomatic History
  • Vietnam War
  • History of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • African-American History
  • American Civil War