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The Bachelor of Music at Texas A&M University-Central Texas provides student-centered, high-quality, rigorous instruction to build complete musicians. In partnership with Temple College, Bachelor of Music coursework is hosted at Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center in Temple. The facility features a 1003 seat auditorium and numerous rehearsal rooms. 

Our program provides flexibility in elective coursework while emphasizing performance, musicianship, history, theory, and education. As a Bachelor of Music major, you will serve as an ambassador of music in the community. Following graduation, you will be prepared for pursuit of a music career or career in a music-related field.

The Music Degree Program provides a full music experience for incoming music students working to complete their degree in Music. In partnership with Temple College, music faculty, offices and classrooms are located in the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center at Temple College in Temple. The Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center facility features a 1003-seat auditorium, the 99-seat, Jackson-Graeter Backstage Theatre and recital hall, with rehearsal halls and practice rooms.

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Idalia Medina
Bachelor of Music Instrumental with an *Education Minor.
Majored on French Horn and played with the symphonic band.

"I will forever be grateful for my educational and musical experiences that I had at Temple College and Texas A&M-Central Texas. The professors are phenomenal teachers and great people. I still talk to my professors when I have the opportunity. They pushed me as a musician and as a young teacher, and they helped in the development of who I am today. The culture of the music program at Texas A&M-Central Texas is centered around the students, high expectations, discipline, and achievement. The small school environment is also a huge plus, because it allows for smaller, more personal classes. To any student in high school that wants to pursue music, please consider Temple College and Texas A&M-Central Texas. You will not have a significant amount of student loans to worry about once you graduate, and your experience will be AMAZING!"
*Idalia Medina was the first student in the Music Program to graduate with an Education Minor.


Austin Davis
Bachelor of Music with an Education Minor (2024)
Majored on Tuba and played with the symphonic band

"I could not have asked to be a part of a more robust and incisive program than what was offered here at TAMUCT. The directors and professors here offer incredible insights and display nothing but thoughtfulness towards the students while simultaneously expecting greatness from each and every one of us. Though the work can be challenging at times, the reward of it all is worth tenfold the effort that you put in. This program will provoke you into choosing the work that will transform you into a musician of the highest caliber, whether that be as an educator or as a performer. I would not be the person I am today without the influence and the aid of each of these educators."

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Music degrees at Texas A&M University - Central Texas

Music Studies in depth...
Outstanding - Jazz, Percussion, Chorale!

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Music Ensembles and Groups
Band, Orchestra, Keyboards, Vocal, Guitar

A Music Degree to Address Your Professional Goals

The Bachelor of Music degree from A&M-Central Texas is offered with two minors and two concentrations designed to further your artistic and career goals:

Faculty Advisor

Glen Brumbach
Assistant Professor of Music
Phone: 254.519.5750
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