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Humanities: Interdisciplinary Film Studies

The Interdisciplinary Film Studies Minor is an 18-hour minor that allows students to examine the cultural, political, and social implications of what is currently the most powerful, persuasive, and popular art form in society today.

Film Studies differs from film production. Courses in the Film Studies minor equip students to consider film as art and drama and to do so with a fuller understanding of the theoretical ideas that have shaped the world's seventh art. They also allow students to engage cinematic representations of history, crime, politics, gender and sexuality, and a host of other social constructions.

Those who complete the Interdisciplinary Film Studies Minor will be empowered to pursue graduate work in film and cultural studies and, more generally, to contribute to the social and cultural debates film initiates.

The Interdisciplinary Film Studies Minor is housed in English, but draws on contributing faculty from History, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Fine Arts. The minor is always looking to expand, so other areas may be included soon. The minor is flexible and open to all students in every discipline.

Students wanting to earn the Interdisciplinary Film Studies Minor must complete three courses in film specific English courses and film-specific courses in other areas:

Film-specific English courses (9 hours):

Film-specific courses in other areas (9 hours)*:

* These are examples of other film-specific courses that may be offered. They must be approved by the Interdisciplinary Film Studies coordinator to count towards the minor. Those wanting more information about the minor in Interdisciplinary Film Studies should contact the coordinator: Dr. Allen Redmon