College of Arts and Sciences Faculty

Photo of Dr. Allen H. Redmon

Dr. Allen H. Redmon

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Photo of Dr. Floyd Berry

Dr. Floyd Berry

Photo of Dr. Michael Daley

Dr. Michael Daley

Photo of Dr. Amber  Dunai

Dr. Amber Dunai

Photo of Dr. Taylor Harvey

Dr. Taylor Harvey

Photo of Dr.  Timothy Hemmis

Dr. Timothy Hemmis

Photo of Mr.  John Koehler

Mr. John Koehler

Photo of Mr. Andreja Lukic

Mr. Andreja Lukic

Photo of Ms. Tammy Molina-Moore

Ms. Tammy Sung

Photo of Dr. Linh Pham

Dr. Linh Pham

Photo of Dr. Dawn Riess

Dr. Dawn Riess

Photo of Dr. Mienie Roberts

Dr. Mienie Roberts

Virtual Advisor