Lynn Greenwood Profile

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Dr. Lynn Greenwood

  • Department: Social Sciences
  • Assistant Professor
  • Room: HH-204d

Dr. Lynn Greenwood has a background in juvenile justice, having worked in institutional corrections, juvenile parole, and juvenile probation.  She has conducted research on occupational stress in the field of juvenile probation, investigating the relationships between stress, turnover, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and social support.  Her current research interest is specialized courts, especially veterans treatment courts.  This is of special importance to the community, given the number of active, retired, or discharged veterans living in the Bell County area.  In addition to teaching core curriculum, she has created and taught a number of undergraduate elective courses that are very popular with students, including the topics of female offenders, juvenile delinquency, and criminal justice in film.  She is also the advisor for Alpha Phi Sigma, the national criminal justice honor society.