Michelle Dietert Profile

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Dr. Michelle Dietert

  • Department: Social Sciences
  • Associate Professor
  • Room: HH-204a

Michelle Dietert
is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University Central Texas (TAMUCT). She primarily teaches Sociological Theory, Deviant Behavior, Gender in Society, Research Methods, Military Family, Sociology of Sexuality, Sociology of the Body and Social Psychology.

Dr. Dietert is a qualitative researcher that focuses on gender and sexuality. Her published research has highlighted topics regarding the transgender population to include workplace discrimination, early socialization, the social construction of gender identity, the experiences of transgender veterans and active duty personnel, and religious extremism against the LGBTQ community. Currently, Dr. Dietert is working on a monograph entitled Transworldly Visions and a new qualitative research project interviewing active duty transgender personnel in the U.S. Armed Forces. She and her colleague Dr. Dianne Dentice have a chapter forthcoming in the book Anthology of Liminality entitled “ Gender Benders and Communitas.”

Dr. Dietert is the chapter representative at TAMUCT for the sociology honor society Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD). She also serves as the Region 6 Representative for AKD covering Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. She is the advisor for Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation Alliance Warriors (GSAW) and coordinator of the American Democracy Project (ADP).