College of Education and Human Development

Faculty, Staff, Field Supervisors and Undergraduate Advisors


Photo of Dr.  Tamlyn Jones

Dr. Tamlyn Jones

  • Assistant Dean, College of Education and Human Development
  • Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Human Development
  • Email:
  • Phone: 254.519.5937
  • Room: WH-322S
Photo of Dr.  Linda Black

Dr. Linda Black

Photo of Dr. Morgan Lewing

Dr. Morgan Lewing

Photo of Dr. Andria Schwegler

Dr. Andria Schwegler

Photo of Dr. Samantha Airhart-Larraga

Dr. Samantha Airhart-Larraga

Photo of Dr. Jeremy Berry

Dr. Jeremy Berry

Photo of Dr.  Lisa Bunkowski

Dr. Lisa Bunkowski

Dr. Heather Caldwell

Photo of Dr. Hao-Min Chen

Dr. Hao-Min Chen

Photo of Dr. Daniel  Clark

Dr. Daniel Clark

Photo of Dr. Teresa Garcia

Dr. Theresa Garcia

Photo of Dr. Randi Gonzales

Dr. Randi Gonzales

Photo of Dr. Shelley Harris

Dr. Shelley Harris

Photo of Ms. Felicia Holloway

Dr. Felicia Holloway

Photo of Dr. Coady Lapierre

Dr. Coady Lapierre

Photo of Dr. Malin Lilley

Dr. Malin Lilley

Photo of Dr. Kimberly Lovejoy

Kimberly Lovejoy

Photo of Dr. Steven Maddox

Dr. Steven Maddox

Photo of Dr. Levi McClendon

Dr. Levi McClendon

Photo of Dr. Caroline Norris

Dr. Caroline Norris

Photo of Dr. Madelynn Shell

Dr. Madelynn Shell

Photo of Dr.  Austin Vasek

Dr. Austin Vasek


Photo of

Kimberly Kuklies

Photo of

Billie Diaz

  • Director of Field Experience and External Partnerships
  • Department of Educator Preparation Services
  • Email:
  • Phone: 254.519.8704
  • Room: WH-322L
Photo of Brianna Davis

Brianna Davis

Photo of

Jessica Tristan

Photo of

Alys Earley

Photo of

Jamie Foley

Photo of

Meghan Spindler

Field Supervisors

Photo of Brenda Adams

Brenda Adams

Photo of Mary Derrick

Mary Derrick

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Dr. Phillys Hill

Photo of Debra Hull

Debra Hull

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Janet Rainwater

Undergraduate Advisors

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Timothy Gibson

Photo of

Noemi SaDiablo

Virtual Advisor