Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences at Texas A&M University-Central Texas is committed to high-quality graduate and undergraduate instruction across the social sciences. Our faculty’s areas of expertise include anthropology, criminal justice, sociology, religious studies, and more. Our diverse faculty is well known for both their scholarly accomplishments and their teaching skills. We pride ourselves on providing students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on educational experiences and apply academic concepts, strategies and techniques to contemporary, real-world issues.

Two-Year Course Rotations

Criminal Justice

Graduate Courses

Course No. Course Title Fall Spring Summer
C JK 500 Statistics 2    
C JK 501 Criminology 2    
C JK 504 Judiciary    
C JK 505 Juvenile Justice    
C JK 508 Corrections    
C JK 510 CJ System 2    
C JK 520 Policing    
C JK 521 Management 2    
C JK 522 Adv Ethics 2    
C JK 540 Legal Aspects 2    
C JK 597 Thesis 3
C JK 598 Methods 2    

1 Most core courses will be offered from year to year in different formats (lecture v. online)
2 Required core course for the MCJ degree
3 Repeated course (total of 6 hrs) for thesis-track students

Undergraduate Courses

Course No. Course Title Fall even yrs Spring  odd yrs Summer  odd yrs Fall odd yrs Spring even yrs Summer even yrs
C JK 300 Juv Delinquency        
C JK 301 Surv For Sci          
C JK 305 Criminology 1    
C JK 308 Comparative CJ          
C JK 310 Super & Mgmt 1    
C JK 311 Interviewing          
C JK 315 Crim Evidence 1    
C JK 325 Inst Corrections        
C JK 330 Com Correct        
C JK 340 Homeland Sec        
C JK 345 CJ in Film        
C JK 352 Phy Asp For Sci          
C JK 353 Bio Asp For Sci          
C JK 356 Death Invest          
C JK 404 Serial Murder          
C JK 405 Org Crime          
C JK 406 Fem Offenders        
C JK 412 CJ Ethics 1    
C JK 415 Statistics 1    
C JK 416 Methods 1    
C JK 425 Adv Invest          
C JK 431 Field Exper
C JK 451 For Anth        
C JK 498 Senior Seminar 1    

1 Required course for a major in Criminal Justice