Social Sciences: Anthropology

A group of students excavate bones at a dig site.

Anthropology is a discipline that studies human populations and cultures in the past and present. Subfields include cultural (or social) anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics. Other areas of research are a part of these broad categories, such as forensic anthropology, historical archaeology, bioarchaeology, and folklore.

Minor Overview

Students wanting to earn a minor in Anthropology must complete 18 hours of Anthropology courses, of which ANTH 3300 (Cultural Anthropology) and ANTH 3340 (Biological Anthropology) are required.

ANTH 3300 Cultural Anthropology 3
ANTH 3340 Biological Anthropology 3
Upper-Level Anthropology Courses 12
Total Credit Hours 18

Anthropology minors have a variety of courses to choose from, such as:

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"What I like most about the classes is that most of them are hands-on. Whether it be forensics or field school. It’s always putting into practice what you’re learning." 
- Christopher Borders, M.S. Liberal Studies (Archaeology and Sociology Concentration)

Program Faculty

Dr. Christine Jones

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

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