Environmental Studies

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The Environmental Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary field of study that seeks to create a dialogue across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences about responsible citizenship in a more-than-human world. The minor challenges students to explore the interrelationships between humans and the environment through experimentation, reasoned inquiry, creative problem solving, and critical thinking. In a changing world, the field of environmental studies is a marketable minor that bridges the gap between natural sciences and social sciences to promote ethical engagement as global citizens.

Minor Overview

Students seeking to earn a minor in Environmental Studies must take 18 semester credit hours, of which 6 hours must be upper-level (3000-level or above). Because the term “Environmental Studies” encompasses a variety of scientific, social, and humanitarian fields, students have the flexibility to design their own minor and adapt it to their interests. Students may choose from the wide list of courses below within a specific discipline or across multiple disciplines. Other courses with a substantive environmental component may also qualify for the minor even if not yet listed below. Students should discuss the inclusion of a potential course with one of our advisors.

ANTH 4389: Anthropology of Food

Criminal Justice
CRIJ 4389: Environmental Crime

BIOL 3401: Ecology (4 cr)
BIOL 4301: Conservation Biology (4 cr)
BIOL 4302: Restoration Biology (4 cr)

ENGL 3358: Nature and the Environment in American Literature (3 cr)
ENGL 3356: Emily Dickinson (3 cr)

HIST 4389: Environmental History (3 cr)
HIST 4314: The American West

Political Science
POLI 3310: Environmental Politics (3 cr)
POLI 4310: Environmental Policy (3 cr)

SOCI 3312: Environmental Sociology (3 cr)
SOCI 4389: Animals and Society (3 cr)

Program Faculty

Timothy Hemmis

Department: Humanities
Associate Professor of History
Office/Room: HH-216H
Phone: 254.501.5931

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