A&M-Central Texas Opens Doors for Military Transfer Student

2021 National Transfer Student Week Feature: Harry Ferguson
By Theodore Davis | October 19, 2021
Pat sonti
Harry Ferguson | Photo Courtesy of Harry Ferguson

Texas A&M University-Central Texas has a close and long-standing relationship with the military, offering programs that are friendly to service members and their particular educational needs. That’s why Harry Ferguson, an active duty soldier and a current BAAS Business student, chose to transfer to A&M-Central Texas.

Ferguson had taken college courses in Florida, and had earned an associate’s degree in financial management. He knew how important an education was to furthering his career.

“In order to move up… in the corporate world or in the military, you need to have these certifications,” he said.

So, when it was time to get his bachelor’s degree, he started researching institutions and considered going to Florida International University. While it may have been easier to transfer his credits there, what he wanted to do, Ferguson said, was go to a university in Texas. Specifically, he wanted to go to A&M-Central Texas.

Because he was transferring from out of state, he did meet some difficulty. Ferguson sat down with advisors from A&M-Central Texas. Talking to them, he learned that he did not have all of the credits to fulfill the Texas Core Curriculum.

“[The advisors] gave me a great breakdown of what I needed to do… if I wanted to move forward,” he said.

Ferguson had the help of the entire university. The staff in Academic Advising, as well as Undergraduate Admissions, worked with him to accommodate his needs. They helped him sign up for dual enrollment at Central Texas College (CTC) to help transition him toward a bachelor’s degree with the fewest additional academic credit hours. They also worked with the military to make sure he could use his service experience to the fullest.

He said, “I mean, the professionalism is there. They were very helpful, and they were well-versed in what they were doing. It made it a seamless process for me.”

Once he enrolled, Ferguson took advantage of other resources the university offered, including tutoring services, as well as resume and cover letter reviews.

Now, armed with the tools he’s discovered, he looks to the future. He plans to begin a Master’s of Business Administration in the spring. As a whole, he regards his transfer experience fondly and encourages others to do the same. He spoke to CTC students, for whom he feels A&M-Central Texas is part of a natural progression:

"I think that needs to be the pathway. You know, people understanding that ‘You do this for two years, then [A&M-Central Texas] is the next step.’”




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