Celebrating a Local Educator for World Teachers’ Day

Bianca Chapman Is Shaping the Next Generation Through Education
By Theodore Davis | October 2, 2021
>Bianca Chapman MEd. stands in front of her classroom door
Bianca Chapman in her classroom | Photo Courtesy of Bianca Chapman

Teachers offer so much to the world. They shape the next generation, giving children essential tools and skills. Dedicating one’s life to this mission is no small decision. Even so, most echo the message of Bianca Chapman ‘17: “The kids are my why, all day, every day.”

For a long time, Chapman had wanted to be a teacher. Following that goal, she now teaches history and the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD. She is a passionate educator who fights to empower everyone in her classes. Not only that, her work with AVID also allows her to encourage those who might not have gone to college. Her students get valuable experience that helps them moving forward.

“All of my kids are scholars in their own right,” she said.

Chapman’s history with AVID goes back many years. In fact, it is part of why she chose to pursue her current teaching position. When she was young, AVID helped her to gain the same skills she now passes on in the classroom. She recalled how naturally her career unfolded: “I was an AVID student, then I became an AVID tutor, then I became a teacher.”

That was not the only thing that led her to where she is now. In a virtual interview, Chapman spoke about her time at Texas A&M University-Central Texas. Her face lit up and she ran to a poster outside of her classroom. The edges were completely full of pictures from the university, which she showed off one by one. In the middle was a large print of the A&M-Central Texas seal.

“I literally would not be here without TAMUCT, at all,” she said.

Chapman spoke about the many lessons she had learned at A&M-Central Texas. She also praised the people she had known on-campus. The faculty and staff had helped her a lot along the way she said. Some had given her advice on getting her professional certifications. Others had kept her motivated while she worked toward a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Together, they had all helped her develop a strong philosophy about teaching.

"These kids are rock stars… They persevered and they’re rocking this thing."

Beyond graduation, Chapman built a career for herself. She has only continued learning about what it is to be a teacher and fill so many roles at once.

“Sometimes we’re like a mother figure, father figure. We’re a counselor. We’re a referee sometimes. There’s so many hats that we wear as educators,” she explained.

Still, that is all part of accomplishing what she says is her biggest goal in education, “to influence and inspire the future leaders of the world.” While she does that in the classroom today, her careers plans will take that objective even further: Chapman hopes to become an assistant principal and continue changing the lives of students.

Being an educator is a big job. That’s why things like World Teachers’ Day are so important. It gives people a chance to celebrate all that they do. Even in the face of a global pandemic, they have stayed committed to helping young people through a difficult time.

“These kids are rock stars… They persevered and they’re rocking this thing,” Chapman said.

The same can be said for the teachers who have been with them each step of the way. They have taken everything head-on for the sake of their students. In a message of support and love, Chapman said: “I know that some days it’s hard for all of us, mentally, physically, spiritually… Always take care of yourselves as educators.”

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