Alumni Spotlight

College of Arts & Sciences Alumni Spotlight Series

April 3, 2024

Nathan Sullivan

Natham Sullivan

  • Tell us about yourself!
    Did you graduate from TAMUCT?
  • My name is Nathan Sullivan. I graduated from Texas A&M-Central Texas in 2020, Magna Cum Laude, with a Master’s degree in English. Currently, I am an Instructor at West Coast University (WCU) in Richardson, Texas, I teach Composition courses and serve as the Director of the University Writing Center!

  • Tell us about your time at TAMUCT.
  • My time at Texas A&M-Central Texas is best described as enriching, impactful, and challenging. Each class I took brought forth a wealth of knowledge that served to grow and shape me into the scholar I am today. Additionally, each instructor invested their time and effort into helping me understand the material and has significantly impacted how I teach and make sense of the world. Lastly, a new challenge came with every new class, requiring me to shift my thinking and dig deeper. Such challenges kept me engaged, leading me to strive for perfection in all I submitted! Truly, I would not be where I am today without the support of the faculty at Texas A&M-Central Texas!
  • Tell us about your favorite part about attending Texas A&M-Central Texas and why you attended Texas A&M-Central Texas.
  • My favorite part about attending Texas A&M-Central Texas was working with the faculty. Dr. Bowles, Dr. Redmon, and Dr. Dunai all bring varying perspectives, encouraging me to engage with the material in a variety of ways. This has led me to think more critically and consider multiple avenues of thought when I analyze texts or engage with a problem. Thus, I chose to attend Texas A&M-Central Texas for my Master’s degree largely due to the fantastic faculty that guided me through my Undergraduate degree at Texas A&M-Central Texas (also in English).
  • Tell us about any awards, scholarships, or recognition you have received.
  • During my time at Texas A&M-Central Texas, I had the fantastic opportunity to present at an academic conference three times, publish a literary piece in TAMUCT’s The Lookout, and successfully publish a paper in the Digital Humanities Quarterly.
  • Tell us about any work (past or present) that you are proud of!
  • Currently, I am working on building up the University Writing Center at West Coast University, including understanding how the writing center fits in the context of the nursing school.
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