A&M–Central Texas Offering Nursing Students Opportunities to Complete the BSN More Quickly

Jonathan Petty
April 4, 2024

A&M–Central Texas Offering Nursing Students Opportunities to Complete the BSN More Quickly

The nursing program at Texas A&M University–Central Texas is adapting to better meet the needs of students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree by offering 6 hours of summer classes to students who have not yet completed their associate’s degree, and changing to an 8-week term format.

Registration is open for the summer 2024 term, and with it, nursing students at local community colleges can be conditionally admitted to A&M–Central Texas to take two summer classes.

Program director, Dr. Amy Mersiovsky, said the program change was designed so nursing students can continue their education through the summer when community colleges and other nursing schools may not offer courses.

“This way, they can still be moving forward to get their degree,” Mersiovsky said. “There are not many BSN programs that offer the opportunity to start before completing an associate’s degree.”

A&M–Central Texas will offer Pathophysiology and Introduction to Professional Nursing. Mersiovsky said the additional summer courses not only give students a head start on the BSN, but also reinforce what they have been learning helping them to retain that knowledge as they prepare for their exams.

“Going into the last year of their training, if they are getting ready to sit for their boards, then they have this extra knowledge,” she said. “It’s been beneficial for the students who have done it.”

In another move designed to make degree completion more attainable for students, A&M–Central Texas is moving to 8-week terms beginning in the fall. Many nursing students at the university take one course per term to accommodate busy work, family and life schedules. With the 8-week term, students who only take one course per term can still complete their bachelor’s degree in two years if they take summer classes as well.

Registration for summer and fall classes is open at A&M–Central Texas. For more information, contact the Recruitment and Enrollment Services Office at 254-279-0421 or visit and type nursing into the search bar.

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