Schizotypal Personality Disorder


Cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive training, and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation

Treatment Summary: Clinical experts suggest psychotherapy for the first line of treatment, but the studies of this line of treatment are scarce. The treatments that will be discussed here are Cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive training and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. Cognitive behavioral therapy deals with the relationships between most of the senses. Recent research that has examined the efficacy of this treatment has reported drastic improvements in both positive and negative functioning. Also CBT research shows that it may help aid in the prevention of conversion to psychosis in Schizoid spectrum disorders. Cognitive training has three categories. The categories are restorative, compensatory and environmental. These three categories have the capability of being given in groups, individually or electronically. With this treatment, performance has improved on cognitive tests, and functioning has improved with schizoid patients. With Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, this helps to increase the fatty acids that help aid in normal brain development. They have also shown to help improve cognitive performance in individuals that are healthy. With omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, positive effects have been shown on the symptoms of psychological disorders.

  • Reference: Ryan, A., Macdonald, A., & Walker, E. (2013). The treatment of adolescents with schizotypal personality disorder and related conditions: a practice-oriented review of the literature. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 20(4), 408-424.
  • Submitter: Kevin Wilburn
Virtual Advisor