Major Depressive Disorder


Antidepressant treatment

Treatment Summary: Patients with Major Depressive Disorder were given antidepressant medications and they were later evaluated on whether they received a follow upvisit. Patients may have had different providers when they were first given their antidepressants. The results revealed that patients who received their first prescription from a psychiatrist were more likely to receive a guideline-concordant follow-up visit than those seen by primary care physicians.

  • Reference: Chen, S., Hanson, R., Farley, J., Gaynes, B., Morrissey, J., & Maciejewski, M. (2010). Follow-up visits by provider speciality for patients with Major Depressive Disorder Initiating Antidepressant Treatment. Psychiatric Services, 61 (1), 81-85.
  • Submitter: Crystal Morris
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