Liquid Rescheduling

Treatment Summary: Liquid Rescheduling focuses on two conditions, which are manipulating the individual's liquid intake amount and consistency of food intake during a meal. Liquid is withheld at the presentation of a meal and allowed an hour and a half after the meal and the individual receives similar amounts of foods or caloric intake at every meal. Liquid Rescheduling may be effective because the absence of liquid during a meal may make it difficult to regurgitate. Caution should be used when recommending this option of treatment with some individuals with developmental disabilities. Also individuals with oral motor delays and or swallowing problems trying to withhold liquids may be difficult and dangerous.

  • Reference: Heering, P.W., Wilder, D.A., & Ladd, C. (2003). Liquid rescheduling for the treatment of rumination. Behavioral Interventions, (18), 199-207
  • Submitter: N/A
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