Cognitive-Behavioral Group

Treatment Summary: In the study referenced below: A Cognitive Behavioral Group and the participants were studied. The group was developed to help reduces fears and panic attacks in their participants. In a cognitive behavior group of clients that were suffering from severe panic attacks and agoraphobia. They studied clients on a waiting list that had not entered in a controlled cognitive behavior group. The groups consisted of six patients, they also received physiotherapy, and they received treated by ergo therapists. The treatment implemented was psych education, cognitive restructuring, homework, bodily exercise, breathing control and exposure to agoraphobic situation. Cognitive Behavior groups help clients suffering from panic disorder and agoraphobia and learn skills to help minimize the symptoms associated with their disorders.

  • Reference: Rosenburg , NK,Hougarrd E. (2005) Cognitive- Behavioral group treatment of panic disorder and Agoraphobia in a psychiatric setting: a naturalistic Study of effectiveness Nord J Psychiatry 2005; 59:198-204. Oslo ISSN 083-9488.
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