Communication Disorder


Integrating Music Therapy and Speech-Language

Treatment Summary: In the study referenced below: two types of therapies were studied. Music techniques along with speech therapy help children between the ages of 2- 12 years old learn better skills for speaking. These skills, learn from music helping their breathing, and vocalization exercises. When both therapies were conducted at the same time with the children, they implemented techniques such as song articulation, phrase rhythm chanting along with vocabulary. These activities conducted were designed in nonverbal ways of communicating and it did not matter about the child's intelligence or cultural background.

  • Reference: Kamile, Mcarthy. Roders.-Smith & Porter (2008). Integrating Music Therapy Services and Speech-Language Therapy Services for Children with Severe Communication Impairments: A Co-Treatment Model. Journal of Instructional Psychology, VOl .35 No.4, 311-316.
  • Submitter: Stacie Gibson
Virtual Advisor