A&M–Central Texas Celebrates the Art of Writing

Jonathan Petty
October 3, 2023

A&M–Central Texas Celebrates the Art of Writing

Texas A&M University–Central Texas is challenging its students, faculty and community members to write. Specifically, to write creatively.

On Oct. 19, National Day on Writing, the University Writing Center at A&M–Central Texas is hosting three contests to prompt individuals to think about writing in creative and meaningful ways. From 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. students will compete to win prizes based on three contests. “May the Best Photo Caption Win! Writing for Visual Laughter” challenges participants to compose a humorous photo caption for select images pertaining to writing. Held in the lobby ofGeneral Robert M. Shoemaker Founders Hall, the winner of the photo caption contest will receive a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Located in Warrior Hall the “Being Ernest Hemingway! Creating a Six-Word Poem” contest challenges writers to author a six-word poem in the style made famous by Ernest Hemingway. The winner of this contest will also receive a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

The third contest, “Two Periods to a Jump Scare! Composing a Two-Sentence Horror Story,” ties into a Halloween theme. The premise, of course, is to write the scariest horror story possible with just two sentences. This contest will be held in Beck Family Heritage Hall and the winner will receives a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Anyone interested is encouraged to participate.

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