New Program Focuses on Student Preparedness—and Savings

Jonathan Petty
April 2, 2024

Learn more about the WarriorREADY program.

Texas A&M University–Central Texas is taking part in a program designed to make the student journey a little bit easier. Beginning Fall 2024, A&M–Central Texas student can take part in the WarriorREADY initiative designed to provide students with necessary course materials in an easy and convenient package for a set rental fee.

Through WarriorREADY, students’ books, workbooks, digital assets, and other course materials are bundled and ready to pick up prior to the first day of class in the fall. Online students who can’t make it to the campus bookstore can have their materials shipped to them.

The program provides several benefits for students, not the least of which is a cost savings. The rental program charges a base fee per credit hour of $24. For a three-hour course, a student will incur a fee of $72 as opposed to possibly hundreds of dollars to purchase the textbook. The fee is also a flat rate, so the savings increases if a professor adopts multiple sources for the class such as a textbook, workbook, and digital download.

Students will also benefit from increased convenience as the bundles are prepared based on their class registration. Once students enroll in courses, the bookstore will take their information and prepare the course materials for them. Students are notified when their materials are ready.

While students are automatically enrolled in the program, they do have the option to opt out. An opt-out period will be set up prior to each long semester. Students will be notified and can choose to opt out through an on-line portal.

  • WarriorREADY covers course materials including textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and digital textbooks to eligible students.
  • Lowers cost by charging a $24 per credit hour fee.
  • Students are automatically enrolled but can opt out prior to the semester.
  • Textbooks are provided on a rental basis and should be returned by the last day of finals.
  • Students will be given the option to purchase the textbooks if they so desire.

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