Research Alliance Colloquium at the RELLIS Academic Complex

Research Alliance Colloquium at the RELLIS Academic Complex

Bernadette Serna 
December 5, 2023 

Representatives from Texas A&M University–Central Texas’ Division of Research, Economic Development, and Innovation (REDI) recently attended the Texas A&M System-wide inaugural Research Alliance Colloquium at the RELLIS Academic Complex Monday, Nov. 13.

More than half of the system’s respective institutions and agencies’ research officers were in attendance to discuss inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary research collaboration opportunities for faculty and students. Specifically, A&M University–Central Texas’ faculty gave insight to their research and potential collaborations with other attendees, as well as ways they can be supported by system agencies.

Another topic of discussion was providing students and faculty with opportunities and resources to expand their research beyond the infrastructure their own institutions could provide.

Associate Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and Innovation Dr. Walt Murphy explained the barriers that regional universities “often reduce the types of research that faculty, staff, and students can engage in, as well as limiting the opportunities for grants and for industry connections.”

With 2,000 acres that include industry specific facilities, the RELLIS campus would serve as a collaborative research hub among sister institutions.

“By collaborating on research, all the regional universities can work with the flagship university in College Station and with the system agencies, leveraging their varied skills and knowledge to work on more expansive projects and get those funded,” Murphy said.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Dr. David Staak expressed excitement for RELLIS serving as a forum to facilitate researchers crossing discipline boundaries with such partnerships the alliance is fostering.

The research alliance is in its infancy and has plans to meet twice per semester and develop a robust networking system.

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