A&M–Central Texas Inducts Inaugural Class Into Psi Chi Chapter

Jonathan Petty
April 16, 2024

New Psi Chi chapter officers, from left: Amanda McHugh, treasurer; Avery Abrams, vice president; Amanda Sawyer, president; and Em Monks, secretary

Texas A&M University–Central Texas celebrated its inaugural class of inductees into the newly formed chapter of the Psi Chi honor society last Friday, recognizing two professors and 40 students who met the requirements for inclusion into the prestigious society.

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Brandon Griggs welcomed those in attendance, recognizing their hard work and accomplishments. Dr. Andria Schwegler, chair of the counseling and psychology department, followed with a brief explanation of what Psi Chi is and the values for which it stands.

“We’ve been eager to bring a Psi Chi chapter to our campus for a long time,” she said. “Psi Chi is an international organization of professionals, scientists, faculty, students, and alumni whose mission is to recognize and promote excellence in the science and application of psychology.”

Schwegler said the ceremony was a celebration of the students’ hard work and the education, knowledge, skills, perspectives, and insights they have developed and will use in the future to help others. She also recognized faculty advisors Dr. Malin Lilley and Dr. Madelynn Shell for their work in developing and organizing the chapter and confirming membership.

Dr. Sam Fiala, assistant provost, assistant vice president and interim dean of the College of Education and Human Development, addressed the students and regaled them with the importance of psychology in shaping the world around them.

“We have all these ideas coming from psychology,” Fiala said. “It’s not just the breadth of them, it’s the impact.”

Fiala referenced the work of psychologists in World War II in the training and preparation of soldiers, “Brown vs. the Board of Education,” and the findings that racial segregation does affect children, the parenting revolution of the 50s and 60s led by Dr. Spock, the legal recognition of same-sex marriages and gender roles, and even the use of psychology in advertising, marketing, and propaganda. Fiala ended his address by challenging the students to help others.

“I just want to say it’s clear that psychology is the most interesting and diverse field in the universe,” Fiala said. “But as the great thinker Stan Lee once wrote, with great power comes great responsibility. So, it’s my hope and my wish that you continue to build on these ideas you’ve been learning about and harness their power to work to make the world a better place, alleviating suffering, challenging oppression, promoting equity, and fostering hope.”

Inductees include:

  • Avery Abrams, Graduate Student, Psi Chi Vice President
  • Lindsey Adams, Graduate Student
  • Angelina Castro, Graduate Student
  • Jessica Bradley, Graduate Student
  • Jamenette Carter, Graduate Student
  • Nancy Saldaña, Undergraduate Student
  • Alexus De Witt, Graduate Student
  • Cynthya Marie Dennison, Undergraduate Student
  • Crystal Place, Undergraduate Student
  • Ariana Espinosa Grimaldo, Undergraduate Student
  • La'Toya Gaston-Hudson, Graduate Student
  • Stacie Gilyard, Undergraduate Student
  • Erika Halpain, Graduate Student
  • Kerricia Haynes, Graduate Student
  • Merly Hughes, Graduate Student
  • Savannah Jacobson, Undergraduate Student
  • Joshua Martinez, Graduate Student
  • Jasmine Mason, Undergraduate Alumnus
  • Ashley Manry, Graduate Student
  • Amanda McHugh, Undergraduate Student, Psi Chi Treasurer
  • Queen Miller, Graduate Student
  • Em Monks, Undergraduate Student, Psi Chi Secretary
  • Marshall Trubee, Undergraduate Student
  • Constantinos Paizanis, Graduate Student
  • Alexandra Penrose, Undergraduate Student
  • Madeleine Phillips, Undergraduate Student
  • Mallory Pope, Graduate Student
  • Christine Ramirez, Undergraduate Student
  • Gabrielle Worden, Undergraduate Student
  • Fernando Rodriguez, Graduate Student
  • Amanda Sawyer, Graduate Student, Psi Chi President
  • Michelle Sandy, Undergraduate Student
  • Noemi SaDiablo, Graduate Student
  • Sarah Snelson, Graduate Student
  • Shaina Spence, Undergraduate Student
  • Stephanie Stear, Graduate Student
  • Falon Summers, Undergraduate Student
  • Alexis Taylor, Graduate Student
  • Jamie Wolf-Carrizo, Graduate Student

Faculty Inductees are:

  • Daniel Clark, Faculty
  • Andria Schwegler, Chair, Counseling and Psychology
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