A&M–Central Texas Foundation Commits $750,000 to University Growth

Jonathan Petty
May 16, 2024

The Texas A&M University–Central Texas Foundation is more than doubling its commitment to student support and future growth of the university. Through its efforts, the foundation is committing $750,000 to scholarships, support for Early College High School (ECHS) graduates, and the establishment of new academic spaces.

In a recent meeting, foundation members voted to renew their annual commitment of $300,000 in scholarship funding through a combination of endowed and unrestricted funds. Along with the commitment renewal, the foundation authorized an additional $150,000 contribution to provide funding for ECHS students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree at A&M–Central Texas. Previously the foundation authorized $300,000 to help establish an outdoor forensic lab space to enhance learning experience of students in criminal justice and anthropology programs, as well as developing an accounting lab for students focusing on accounting and finance education.

Texas A&M University—Central Texas President Dr. Richard M. Rhodes said the support of groups like the A&M–Central Texas Foundation is a crucial part of the university’s success.

“We are so appreciative to the foundation and its members and all they do to support this university,” Rhodes said. “Our students are our north star, that guiding light that gives us direction. The foundation’s support of scholarships and educational opportunities shows a true commitment to our students and the people of Central Texas as we deliver an education that is truly beneficial to them and is relevant to the needs of the region.”

The university has made serving ECHS students a priority. In 2022, A&M–Central Texas secured a grant from Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) to fund the GTF Warrior Scholars Program. Through the grant, ECHS graduates who transfer to A&M–Central Texas can qualify for a $2,000 per year scholarship for up to three years to help offset the cost of their education.

“Our Warrior Scholars program was a great success this year and to see those students excited about their education and the opportunities they have had at A&M–Central Texas is incredible,” Rhodes said. “The foundation’s efforts to enhance our relationship with ECHS schools shows a true commitment to students in Central Texas; taking these opportunities and presenting real-world outcomes that will benefit the region for years to come.”

Dr. Lucas Loafman, interim dean of the College of Business Administration, expressed his gratitude to the foundation’s commitment, saying the new accounting and finance lab would not be possible without the support. He said the lab is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed this fall.

“We are very appreciative of the foundation’s generosity in supporting our students and enabling them to have the tools necessary to develop the skills needed for the modern workforce,” Loafman said. “We wouldn’t be able to do this without them.”

Loafman said the lab will provide an “innovative learning space” where students can access the latest software and tools needed to better prepare for their careers. The lab will include computer work stations designed for group-based exercises, as well as multiple display monitors running the latest financial news. There will also be a large-scale stock ticker on display in the back of the room.

Likewise, the outdoor forensic space will provide the tools necessary for criminal justice and anthropology students to dig into the latest techniques and technologies available, preparing them for the current work environment.

To date, the A&M–Central Texas Foundation has raised more than $10 million for university scholarships, program development, research and other activities. Operating as a separate 501(c)3, the foundation was established to support A&M–Central Texas and its students as an affiliated fundraising organization and works closely with the University administration to raise funds for institutional priorities.

If you are interested in supporting the foundation, visit the website at

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