Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures

These rules and standard administrative procedures should be read in conjunction with related Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations.  Please direct questions and comments regarding specific University Rules and SAPs to the contact office provided in the respective rule and/or SAP.  Questions regarding the creation or revision of University Rules and SAPs should be directed to the Compliance Officer.

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Rules and SAPs

03. Statements of Mission and Objectives

Policy Title Last Revision
03.02.02.D0.01 Approval of Substantive Changes including the Establishment of New Academic Programs PDF 06/15/2020
03.02.02.D0.02 University Mission Statement PDF 02/27/17
03.02.02.D0.03 University Strategic Planning PDF 06/15/2020

07. Ethics

Policy Title Last Revision
07.02.99.D0.01 Texas Higher Education Fair Lending Practices PDF 05/01/19
07.03.01.D1 Political Events PDF 03/06/17

08. Civil Rights, Protections, and Compliance

Policy Title Last Revision
•08.01.01.D1 Civil Rights Compliance PDF 10/01/19
08.01.01.D1.02 Reasonable Workplace Accommodations PDF 02/20/17
08.99.99.D1 Expressive Activity on Campus PDF 05/14/20

09. Litigation and Administration

Policy Title Last Revision
09.02.99.D0.01 University Intellectual Property Use and Licensing PDF 01/29/20

11. Centers, Degrees and Programs

Policy Title Last Revision
11.03.01.D0.01 Awarding Credit Hours PDF 06/15/2020
11.08.99.D1 Granting and Awarding Degrees Posthumously PDF 11/22/19
11.99.99.D0.02 Program and Course Delivery Modes PDF 01/02/19
11.99.99.D0.03 Acceptance of Credit for Experiential Learning PDF 01/23/20
11.07.99.D1.01 Granting of Honorary Degrees PDF 06/15/2020

12. Faculty

Policy Title Last Revision
•12.01.99.D1 Academic Freedom and Responsibility PDF 11/27/17
12.02.99.D0.01 Institutional Procedures for Implementing Tenure PDF 08/17/16
12.02.99.D0.02 Fourth Year Review for Tenure-Track Faculty PDF 09/11/19
12.03.99.D1 Faculty Workload PDF 08/01/17
12.03.99.D1.01 Faculty Workload PDF 06/15/17
12.04.99.D1.01 Faculty Senate PDF 05/07/19
12.06.99.D0.01 Post Tenure Review PDF 05/29/15
12.99.01.D0.01 Faculty Development Leave PDF 06/15/2020

13. Students

Policy Title Last Revision
13.02.99.D0.01 Freedom of Expression PDF 09/29/16
13.04.99.D1 Student Travel PDF 08/05/19
13.04.99.D1.01 Student Travel PDF 06/15/17
13.04.99.D1.02 Study Abroad Procedure PDF 09/11/19
13.99.99.D0.01 Internships PDF 02/20/15

17. Intellectual Property

Policy Title Last Revision
17.01.99.D0.01 Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization PDF 03/14/14
17.02.02.D1.01 Technology-Mediated Materials and Instruction PDF 09/11/19

21. General Finance

24. Risk Management

Policy Title Last Revision
24.01.01.D1.08 Restrictions on Candles and Similar Items PDF 07/16/18
24.01.01.D1.02 Restrictions on Fireworks/Pyrotechnics and Flame Effects PDF 05/05/17
24.01.01.D1.05 Visitors in Hazardous and Restricted Areas PDF 09/13/17
24.01.01.D1.06 International Travel PDF 09/14/15
24.01.01.D1.07 Outdoor Burning Procedure PDF 07/11/19
24.01.06.D1 Programs with Minors PDF 03/05/19
24.01.01.D1.03 Fire and Life Safety Compliance PDF 05/15/17
24.01.01.D1.04 Bloodborne Pathogens PDF 05/15/17
24.01.99.D0.01 Lowering University Flag to Half-Staff PDF 07/05/17
24.01.01.D1.01 Environmental Health and Safety Program PDF 07/16/18

25. Expenditure of Funds

Policy Title Last Revision
25.06.01.D1 Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program PDF 01/31/17
25.07.01.D0.02 Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration PDF 04/18/16
25.07.99.D1 Contract Administration PDF 11/18/16

29. Information Resources

Policy Title Last Revision
29.01.99.D1 Information Resources PDF 05/01/19

31. Compensation and Benefits

Policy Title Last Revision
31.01.01.D1.01 Compensation Administration PDF 10/07/19
31.01.07.D0.01 Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments PDF 05/26/15
31.01.08.D1 Merit Salary Increases PDF 03/17/17
31.01.09.D0.01 Overtime PDF 11/14/16
31.01.10.D0.01 Service Awards PDF 09/11/19
31.01.99.D0.01 Salary Adjustments for Completion of Academic Degrees PDF 11/26/19
31.01.99.D0.02 Temporary Salary Increases for Non-Academic Interim PositionsPDF 06/15/2020
31.02.13.D0.01 Wellness Release Time PDF 09/11/19
31.03.02.D0.01 Sick Leave PDF 01/02/19
31.03.03.D0.01 Birthday Leave PDF 01/24/18
31.03.03.D0.02 Leave of Absence with Pay PDF 03/19/19
31.05.01.D1 Faculty Consulting, External Professional Employment, and Conflicts of Interest PDF 06/21/17
31.06.01.D0.01 Sick Leave Pool Administration PDF 4/25/17
31.99.01.D1.01 Employees Registering As Students PDF 08/28/17
31.08.01.D1 Faculty Emeritus Status PDF 08/13/19
31.08.01.D2 Staff Emeritus Status PDF 08/08/19

32. Employee Relations

Policy Title Last Revision
32.01.01.D0.01 Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Faculty Members PDF 03/14/14
32.01.02.D0.01 Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Non-Faculty Employees PDF 03/19/19
32.99.99.D1.01 Staff Council PDF 02/28/13

33. Employment, Standards of Conduct

Policy Title Last Revision
33.06.01.D1.01 Alternate Work Schedules for Non-Faculty Employees PDF 03/05/18
33.99.08.D1.01 Student Employment Procedure PDF 09/06/16
33.99.14.D1 Criminal History Background Checks PDF 04/25/17
33.99.99.D0.01 Care of Children and Adults on Campus PDF 08/29/16

34. Safety of Employees and Students

Policy Title Last Revision
34.03.99.D0.01 Alcoholic Beverages on University Property PDF 05/05/17
34.05.99.D1 Smoking and Tobacco Use PDF 12/10/19
34.06.02.D1 Carrying Concealed Handguns on Campus PDF 02/08/18
34.02.01.D1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation Programs PDF 04/27/17

41. Real Property

Policy Title Last Revision
41.01.01.D0.01 Space and Land Use Management PDF 01/02/19

51. Facilities Planning and Construction

Policy Title Last Revision
51.06.99.D0.01 Naming Buildings and Other Entities PDF 06/28/18

61. Information and Communications

Policy Title Last Revision
61.99.01.D0.01 Records Management PDF 12/03/15
61.99.02.D0.01 Public Information PDF 12/03/15