News and Accomplishments

Student and Alumni News and Accomplishments

Current students and graduates from the M.A. in History have a sustained record of accomplishments both as students pursuing their M.A. in History and as graduates pursuing doctoral work or as professionals in varied careers.

If you are a graduate of the M.A. History program or a current M.A. History student and would like your accomplishment added to the website, please email Dr. Cadra McDaniel,

M.A. History Graduates Currently Pursuing a Ph.D.

  • Bearington Curtis, pursing a Ph.D. at the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Patrick Leech, pursuing a Ph.D. at Baylor University

Examples of M.A. History Graduates’ Employment

  • Dawn Beard, Adjunct Faculty, History, Central Texas College, Killeen, Texas
  • Michael Cotton, Assistant Professor, Taylor Campus, Temple College, Taylor, Texas
  • Hannah Dysinger, Assistant University Registrar and Process Analyst, Baylor University, Waco, Texas
  • Nicholas Saylor, Archivist, the National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland
  • Chawnean Williams, Adjunct Professor of History, Temple College, Temple, Texas

Examples of M.A. History Graduates and Current Students’ Conference Presentations

  • Curtis Keltner, “An American Identity: Why the Potawatomi Chose to Fight for the Union Army in the Civil War,” Society for Military History Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, 2021
  • Curtis Keltner, “Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa Soldiers: The Three Fires Confederation in the Civil War,” James A. Barnes Graduate Research Conference, Temple University, 2021
  • Curtis Keltner, “Prophetic Traditions: The Tenskwatawa Witch Hunts,” World History Association of Texas Annual Conference, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2021
  • Bearington Curtis, “The US Army in Antebellum Texas: An Agent of Change,” 11th Annual Texas A&M History Graduate Student Organization Conference (HGSO), College Station, Texas, 2020
  • Julius Isaac, “Vengeance of Vigilantes: The Dramatic Rise of Southern American Lynching, 1890-1900,”11th Texas A&M History Conference, 2020
  • Curtis Keltner, “Napoleon to New Spain: How France began the Mexican War of Independence,” 45th European Studies Conference (ESC), 2020
  • Bearington Curtis, “The White Bear: The Russian White Resistance and How it Failed,” 10th Annual Texas A&M History Graduate Student Organization Conference (HGSO), College Station, Texas, 2019
  • Hannah Dysinger presented her research entitled, “An Affair of Land and Sea: British Military Objectives in the War of 1812,” 43rd European Studies Conference (ESC), Omaha, Nebraska, 2018
  • Chawnean Williams, “Lifting the Veil: How Khrushchev and Brezhnev Cracked the Iron Curtain,” 55th Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (SCSS), 2017
  • Patrick Leech, “Operation ‘Safe Haven’: a Spectacular Feat in American Organizational Ability,” 55th Central Slavic Conference (CSC), St. Louis, Missouri, 2016

Completed Theses

All theses are available publicly via ProQuest.

  • Kathryn A. Miller, “Does Criticism Matter? The Eisenhower Administration, the Press, the Public, and the Impact on Policy.” 2021
  • Jarrod Weaver. “A Time for Reform: How Monroe’s Reforms Radically Changed the U.S. Army.” 2021
  • Curtis J. Keltner, “We-Ta-Se: The Warrior Spirit of the Potawatomi and the American Identity.” 2021
  • Bearington Cecil Curtis, “A Sisyphean Task: Reevaluating Reconstruction in Texas Under the Command of Major General Charles Griffin. 2020
  • Carmen Catena Lewis, “Rewinding the Tape on Camelot: What Would John F. Kennedy Have Done in Vietnam?” 2019
  • Hannah Dysinger, “Guarding the Banners: MI5, The Spanish Civil War, and the Polarization of British Politics.” 2019
  • Kathryn J. Staton, “Corruption and Lawlessness: The Tenure of Marshal Crawley P. Dake and the Arizona Territory Between 1862-1890.” 2018
  • George A. Rymer, “Dissent in Texas During the Civil War.” 2018
  • Patrick Charles Leech, “The Forgotten Crisis: The Untold Story of Tracy S. Voorhes and the President’s Committee for Hungarian Refugee Relief, 1956-1957.” 2017
  • Kevin Taylor, “What Would Johnson Do: Lyndon B. Johnson and the Pueblo Incident.” 2017
  • Andrew Michael Anderson, “Containing Castro: The Reagan Administration’s Policy towards Cuba.” 2016
  • Michael Wayne Cotton, “The Nixon Doctrine and Presidential Doctrines: Grand Strategy or Regional Policy.” 2015
  • Jessy Alan Scarlett, “6th SS Mountain Division, Nord: From Rabble to Warriors, 1941-1945.” 2015
  • Leah Elizabeth Trainham Bernie, “Khatun: Gertrude Bell and British Diplomacy in the Middle East.” 2015
  • Amy Marie Perry Hedrick, “Comparison of the Selection Criteria and Training Program of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and Aviation Cadets in World War II, 1942-1944.” 2012
  • John Kenneth Slaughter, “Grand Admiral Raeder and Kriegsmarine Strategy in the Second World War, 1938-1942: Improvisation or Leadership Failure?” 2012
  • John C. Paradice, “Characters in a Greek Tragedy: Perspectives on the Johnson Letter and the 1964 Cyprus Crisis.” 2010
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