Attention: As of January 1, 2018, CITI training is required of all A&M-Central Texas researchers before filing an IRB or IBC protocol application; we will no longer accept protocols for those with NIH training. Please ensure that all individuals listed on the protocol/working with human subjects or biological materials as part of the research team have completed the appropriate CITI course and have a current certificate before submitting the IRB protocol; for most people those courses are the Social & Behavioral Research – Basic course (for IRB) or the Biomedical Research – Basic course (for IBC). Please consult the IRB Handbook for more information or, if you have any questions about these policies, contact the Research Compliance Officer at

Permission from study/recruitment sites(s) outside TAMUCT

Please submit written permission from your proposed study site with your IRB or IBC protocol application and supplemental materials. Permission from the site does not need to be in a specific format, other than written (i.e. letter, email, etc.).

At minimum, the permission letter MUST include:

  • Statement that permission is granted to conduct {title of study} to {name of the PI} and
  • Name and title of individual providing permission

Digital Signature Instruction

Difficulty downloading forms?

Please use either Internet Explorer or Safari to download the IRB protocol forms. When downloading these forms using Firefox and Chrome, please "right click" to save the document to your computer first, and then open the form from the saved location.

Some researchers have reported difficulty downloading forms. Two Web browsers - Firefox and Chrome - will not open fillable PDF forms within a browser window.

The various workarounds to this issue include:

  • Use Internet Explorer or Safari. Both of these browsers appear to fully support fillable PDF forms.
  • Right-click (PC) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the link that opens the PDF form and save the form to your desktop.
  • Adjust your Firefox or Chrome settings to open PDF documents in Adobe rather than in the Web browser.

Institutional Review Board

Attention: The A&M-Central Texas IRB protocol form and consent forms were edited for compliance with the government’s new Common Rule that took effect on January 21, 2019; make sure that the IRB protocol/consent/assent forms you use for your IRB submission are labeled Updated 01-21-2019.

IRB Required Forms

Signed Informed Consent Templates

Alternatives to Signed Informed Consent

International/Translator and Interpreter Materials

Institutional Biosafety Committee

IBC Required Forms

Virtual Advisor