A&M-Central Texas Anticipates $45M in Capital Construction Assistance Projects to Build CORE Facility

October 22, 2021

overhead shot of Founder's Hall

Killeen, Texas – Earlier this week, the Texas A&M University System announced that Texans are poised to benefit from action by the Texas Legislature Tuesday to fund $3.35 billion in specific capital projects for Texas higher education institutions.

Specifically, capital projects at the regional universities of The Texas A&M University System would total $727.4 million under SB52.

A COVID-related appropriations bill, SB8, also invests $20 million toward supporting at-risk students at the state’s regional universities, including those associated with the A&M System. Both bills now go to Governor Greg Abbott for approval.

A&M-Central Texas President, Dr. Marc Nigliazzo, confirmed that his university will receive $45 million through SB52 to build a Centralized Operational Reliability and Efficiency (CORE) facility on its campus, to substantially improve long-term utility infrastructure, including operational reliability and efficiency.

He said, “Construction of a fully functional CORE facility will establish an essential backbone and hub for current facilities and for future campus development.” The new facility will also house base operations for the University Police Department, an Emergency Operations Center, and other CORE operations.

Dr. Nigliazzo expressed his appreciation to the State Legislature for passing SB52 and SB8, adding, “Special thanks to both Representative Brad Buckley and Senator Dawn Buckingham for their continuous support of both the legislation and the growth of our region’s university.”