Benefits: Leave

Vacation Leave

Full-time regular employees and 12 month regular faculty are eligible to earn:

Number of years Full-Time Hours of Vacation per month
1-2 8
2-5 9
5-10 10
10-15 11
15-20 13
20-25 15
25-30 17
30-35 19
35+ 21

Vacation leave is pro-rated for part-time employees. Vacation time cannot be taken during the first 6 months of employment. Please refer to Texas A&M University System policy for details concerning usage of leave.

Sick Leave

Full time employees are eligible to earn up to 8 hours of sick leave per month. Earned sick leave may be used when you or an immediate family member is ill or injured or has a doctor or dentist appointment. 8 hours a year can be used to attend parent-teacher conferences for your children. Sick leave can be taken after you receive your first pay check.

In addition, certain Veterans eligible for health benefits under a program administered by the Veterans Health Administration of the US Department of Veterans Affairs can receive 15 days of sick leave each fiscal year for medical or health care, including physical rehabilitation. Proof of eligibility is required.

Military Leave

Employees serving as members of the state or federal military forces are entitled to leave with pay for active duty or military training for up to 15 days annually. Employees serving as members of the Texas Guard or National Guard that are called to active duty are entitled to emergency leave with pay. This leave will not be charged against the employee’s 15 days of military training or duty leave.

Miscellaneous Paid Leave

The following types of leave may also be available to employees: Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), jury duty, death of a family member (certain family members), poor weather, birthday leave, wellness release time and military training.

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