Application Process

To start the application process and receive more information about the program, contact the Program Coordinator:

Prior to enrolling in any professional development courses, a student should first review program guidelines found in the current university catalog or by reviewing previous catalogs depending on when the applied and entered the EPP program. Program admissions and program standards are subject to change in regards to State Board of Educators (SBEC), Texas Education Agency (TEA) rulings and/or by academic year at any given time.


Application process must be completed no later than
September 1, November 1,  February 1 for a Spring start.  May 20, July 20 for Fall start. 

*Students can not take any certification level courses or obtain Field Based Experience until admitted into the program.

Use the following Benchmark Checklist to help guide your process:

  1. Complete an application via dynamic forms. The following will be needed:
  2. Schedule an appointment with your Curriculum & Instruction advisor prior to the application deadline.
  3. Schedule your interview with the faculty advisor
Virtual Advisor