Application Process

To start the application process and receive more information about the program, contact the Program Coodinator:

Application information can also be found on the EPS Canvas page.

All Educator Preparation Program (EPP) initial teacher applicants must take and pass the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) or be TSI complete as indicated on the official transcripts. Additionally, an applicant must take and pass the writing portion of the ACCUPLACER. There is no expiration date on the age of these assessments.

Application for admission to the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) should be made:

  • Elementary and middle school certification students apply while enrolled in Block II
  • Secondary Education students apply when they are in their last semester of primary degree
  • MAT students apply when applying for graduate school

Prior to enrolling in any professional development courses, a student should first review program guidelines found in the current university catalog or by reviewing previous catalogs depending on when the applied and entered the EPP program. Program admissions and program standards are subject to change in regards to State Board of Educators (SBEC), Texas Education Agency (TEA) rulings and/or by academic year at any given time.

Intent to Pursue Certification

The intent to apply for initial teacher certification at the undergraduate or graduate level will be confirmed by submission of the Intent to Pursue Form through dynamic forms.


Applications are due no later than September 1, February 1, and June 1.

Use the following checklist to help guide your process:

  1. Complete an application via dynamic forms. The following will be needed:
    • Transcripts showing 2.75 overall GPA* and Field of Study specifics
    • Content Screening -
      • Undergraduate - Demonstrate content mastery with a score of 80% in each domain in Certify Teacher; be sure to take the test that corresponds to your certification; EC-6 applicants must score 80% on every subject.
      • Graduate / MAT - PACT Content Exam (this is an entrance exam only, not certification)
    • Successful completion of Accuplacer or TSIA2.
      • Texas A&M University-Central Texas: By appointment only, contact the Testing Center at
      • Temple College ACCUPLACER: Monday – Thursday, 8 am to 3 pm Walk-in, no appointment necessary
      • Central Texas College: Please call 254-526-1254 for information about their offerings and times
      Required scores for ACCUPLACER are: Writing 6 on essay OR 5 on essay and 80 on skills
      Required scores for TSIA2 are: Writing 5 OR Writing Score of 4 and skills score of 945
    • Demonstration of basic skills in reading, written communication, and mathematics by meeting the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI); Proof of TSI complete
    • Evidence of Liability Insurance (see Liability page)
  2. Schedule an appointment with your Curriculum & Instruction advisor prior to the application deadline.
  3. Schedule your interview with the faculty advisor
  4. All forms are submitted via dynamic forms or email to the Program Coordinator for evaluation then submitted to the Educator Preparation Services office then to Educator Preparation Council for voting.