Texas A&M University–Central Texas students participate in practicum/field experience in local school districts each semester. Practicum are connected to the concepts being taught in the Educator Preparation Program courses. These practicum allow students an opportunity to work with groups of diverse students at several developmental levels.

Students must adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators and TAMUCT Code of Student Conduct at all times. Additionally, students must dress in accordance with the respective school district's dress code.

BSEd Yearlong PAID Residency option - Senior Year

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PDF Download - Paid Teacher Resident Program 2024

Paid Teacher Resident Program 2024

Undergraduate Clinical Teaching / Internship Types

There are two routes for Yearlong Residency / Clinical Teaching at the undergraduate level. The route is based on the student degree path, not personal choice.

  • Traditional Clinical Teaching
  • This route requires departmental approval and is in place primarily for Education Minor students. This will consist of 5 clinical days a week (excluding holidays) and 16 weeks for one semester.
  • Yearlong Residency
  • This is the common route that will consist of 3 clinical days a week for one semester and 4 clinical days in semester two.

Graduate Clinical Teaching / Internship Types

There are two pathways for ACP/MAT candidates at the graduate level: clinical teaching or internship.Both routes require department approval.

  • Internship
  • During the yearlong paid internship, the candidate is employed by the district within an approximate 60-mile radius, paid as a first-year teacher, eligible for benefits, and reported as the teacher of record for retirement purposes. The internship must occur in the teacher’s approved certification area. The intern will work under an Intern/Probationary Certificate and must be enrolled in the Internship courses, EDUC 5384/5385 during both semesters. To complete the intern certification, please see the EPS Canvas Page for more information.
  • Traditional Clinical Teaching
  • This will consist of 5 clinical days a week (excluding holidays) and 16 weeks for one semester.
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Pre-Practicum and Clinical Teaching Placements

Application for Clinical Teaching is made while enrolled in Professional Development Block II, well in advance to enable the establishment of appropriate settings for each student. Applications are due October 15 or March 15 one year prior to the semester in which the student plans to participate in clinical teaching. The EPS office assumes full responsibility for contacting the public schools regarding placement of clinical teachers.

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