Academic Assessment


As part of COBA’s commitment to excellence in teaching and desire to create an educational environment conducive to the fullest development of an individual’s learning and scholarly potential, COBA will create a culture of evidence, by which data is annually collected and analyzed in order to conduct appropriate continuous improvement of all degree programs, majors, and their associated curriculum.


The intent of this Academic Assessment program will be for all program leads to establish and sustain an assessment plan according to the COBA Academic Assessment Guide, through annual collection of data, based on the schedule established by the program lead. Additionally, the program leads will conduct an analysis of that data, and develop and implement an action plan to improve the program and curriculum based on the analysis. Finally, all planning information for each program within COBA will be documented in the Texas A&M University-Central Texas academic assessment repository – TaskStream.

COBA Assessment Links

Select the following links to view COBA’s assurance of learning and assessment guide, and the assessment results within each department: