Estimated Cost of Tuition & Fees

Texas A&M University-Central Texas is committed to establishing tuition and fee options that allow students to plan for the cost of their education, complete their degree and provide an accelerated degree completion for undergraduate students.

Beginning in with the Fall, 2016 semesters, new students must choose whether to enroll in the Warrior Guarantee tuition plan.  Students not enrolling in the Warrior Guarantee will be automatically enrolled in the Variable Rate Tuition Plan. Additional information on each plan is provided below:

Variable Rate Tuition Plan

Under the Variable Rate Tuition Plan, tuition and fee rates are established for an academic year and are subject to increase or decrease based on economic conditions, Board of Regents action, and/or legislative requirements.

Variable Rate Tuition and Fee Tables

The Warrior Guarantee Tuition Plan

Students opting into The Warrior Guarantee will be assigned to a cohort based on classification for undergraduate students, or program length for graduate students, that guarantees that applicable charges to not change for a specified period of time.

Warrior Guarantee Tuition and Fee Tables

Bachelor’s Bonus

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Under the Variable Rate Tuition Plan and The Warrior Guarantee, an undergraduate student’s tuition and mandatory fees are capped at 12 semester credit hours. For example, a student enrolling in 15 (or more) semester credit hours will only pay tuition and mandatory fees at a rate of 12 semester credit hours.

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