The Warrior Guarantee

The Warrior Guarantee is a guaranteed tuition and fee plan that allows our students to effectively plan for the cost of their education, encourages degree completion for all, and provides an option to accelerate the time-to-degree for undergraduates. Here is how it works:

  • New undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of residency, are given the option to enroll in The Warrior Guarantee prior to registration.
  • The Warrior Guarantee includes tuition (to the extent permissible by law) and all mandatory fees (excluding recreational sports fee). The tuition rate charged to non-resident students under The Warrior Guarantee is subject to change based on changes to statutory tuition. Per section 54.051(d) of the Texas Education Code, these costs are contingent upon rates calculated by the Higher Education Coordinating Board for non-resident students enrolled in Texas public Universities. Therefore, the rate charged for non-resident tuition under The Warrior Guarantee may vary from year to year.
  • The Warrior Guarantee assures each participating student that tuition and applicable fees will not change for three consecutive years (nine consecutive semesters).
  • Students enrolled in The Warrior Guarantee who exceed the specified number of consecutive semesters allowed for degree completion will be assessed tuition and fees at the approved rate for a similar cohort in the subsequent academic year.
  • Students unable to enroll for one or more semesters due to special circumstances, such as military deployment or medical emergencies, may request an extension equivalent to the number of semesters missed due to the documented special circumstance.

Texas A&M University-Central Texas is committed to establishing tuition and fee options that allow students to plan for the cost of their education, complete their degree and provide an accelerated degree completion for undergraduate students.

New students must choose whether to enroll in the Warrior Guarantee tuition plan.  Students not enrolling in the Warrior Guarantee will be automatically enrolled in the Variable Rate Tuition Plan.

Cohort and Level Breakdown

Warrior Guarantee Chart

Undergraduate Cohorts

  • Sophomore – students transferring with 30-59 SCH can take up to a maximum 12 consecutive semesters
  • Junior – students transferring with 60-89 SCH can take up to a maximum 9 consecutive semesters
  • Senior – students transferring with more than 90 SCH can take up to a maximum 6 consecutive semesters

Graduate Levels

  • Level 1 – students taking 36 SCH in a program may take up to a maximum of 6 consecutive semesters
  • Level 2 – students taking 37-59 SCH in a program may take up to a maximum 9 consecutive semesters
  • Level 3 – students taking more than 60 SCH in a program can take up to a maximum 12 consecutive semesters
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