Parking Permit Information

Step 1. Register Vehicle in Warrior Web

Students, staff, and faculty must first register their vehicle in WAVE . Log in to Warrior Web and go to the WAVE (Parking Permits online) task.

Up to two vehicles or motorcycles can be entered into the form.

The first question asks for a qualifying institution decal number. If you do not have one as described on the question, please leave this question blank and continue to the next question. All remaining questions are required.

If your vehicle make or model is not listed, please contact the Business Office.

Step 2. Pay and Pick-up the Parking Permit

Parking permits are available to pick-up in person from the Business Office in Founder’s Hall.

  • Students, Staff, and Faculty are required to get a TAMUCT parking permit to park in the campus parking lots. The TAMUCT Police Department enforces the display of parking permits on vehicles. The Business Office provides the permits and collects payments.
  • Parking permit fees for one permit are automatically charged to a student’s account upon registering in a face-to-face or hybrid course. If a student is registered in only distance learning courses, the parking fee is NOT charged automatically to the student’s account. Please check your statement or activity details in Warrior Web under the Finance tab if you have questions about whether the fee was assessed to you. If a student is not assessed the fee because of online only classes but wants a permit to park on campus to use campus resources, a permit can still be issued and the fee can be added to the student’s account. Please come to the Business Office to receive a permit.
  • Alternatively, any online student can get a free day pass to park if they do not wish to get the yearly permit. The free day pass is issued by the TAMUCT Police Department in the welcome center right inside of the main doors at Founder’s Hall.
  • Staff and Faculty must pick-up a new parking permit and pay each year. Adjunct Faculty are charged only for the length of their teaching term if it is not a complete year. Payments can be made in the Business Office when picking up the permit.

The current parking permit fees for students are listed below and charged on a per semester basis: 

For one parking permit:
Spring - $30
Summer - $10
Fall - $30 

Additional fees:
Lost Permit Replacement - $15
Second Permit - $15 

The current parking permit fees for staff and faculty are listed below and charged on a per semester basis: 

For one parking permit for staff or faculty:
Yearly September 1 – August 31 - $60 

For one parking permit for adjunct faculty:
Yearly September 1 – August 31 - $40 

Additional fees:
Lost Permit Replacement - $30
Second Permit - $30 

*Special Circumstances:
$5 per month remaining if getting a yearly pass after the first month
$5 per month if getting a replacement after March

Full-time staff member starts in November and gets pass on the 1st. Pass would be $50 instead of $60. 

Faculty member lost parking permit in June and gets replacement. Pass would be $15 instead of $30. 

Professor Emeritus - FREE 

Students, Staff, and Faculty with vehicles displaying Disabled Veteran (DV) license plates receive a waived parking permit fee. When filling out the WAVE vehicle registration on Warrior Web, simply indicate the DV license plate number on the questionnaire. Once complete, contact the Business Office by phone, e-mail, or in person to have the fee removed from your account. The Business Office will then verify your DV license plate number on the WAVE vehicle registration form in Warrior Web. Fees are not automatically removed. 

Parking permits have an expiration date listed on the permit.


Step 3. Display the Permit in Vehicle

Students, Staff and Faculty are required to display the parking permit on their rear view mirrors at all times when parking on campus.

If you have two vehicles, one parking pass may be used in either of the two vehicles registered in Warrior Web. The pass can be moved between those vehicles if needed. If a second physical pass is needed, an additional fee may apply.

If you have one vehicle and a motorcycle, you will receive a parking permit for the rear view mirror on the vehicle and a sticker decal for the motorcycle.

Failure to display may result in a parking citation from the TAMUCT Police Department.

For questions about parking citations, please visit the TAMUCT Police Department website or contact the police department.

To view the University’s policy for parking regulations, see Parking and Traffic Regulations (21.99.99.D0.01)

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